NexFi Technology Inc., a startup company in Osaka, Japan, was established in 2021. We specialize in developing high-voltage DC power supplies and power switching modules using silicon carbide (SiC) power devices. We describe the specifications of our products as follows.

High-Voltage Switching Module

We have designed original high-voltage power switching modules using series-connected 1-kV-class SiC MOSFETs with optimized voltage balancing methods, reaching beyond 50-kV high voltage switching.

Our high-voltage switching module can be applied to a wide variety of high-voltage applications. For example:
- a 1000-A high-current pulse is available with > 1 kpps repetition
- High voltage (> 50 kV) hard switching with more than 100 kHz
- High slew-rate voltage rise (> 200 kV/μs) with several tens kV
- DC circuit breaker (> 50 kV) with no arc

High-Voltage DC Power Supply

We have developed a high-voltage DC power supply based on SiC inverters and SiC Cockcroft-Walton multipliers, covering from 5 kV to 300 kV applications.

Thanks to the superior performance of SiC power devices with our electric field termination techniques, outstanding performance is achieved:
- High conversion efficiency (>95%)
- Down-sized volume (< 1/10)
- Power supply case/tank is grounded
- Sufficient short circuit capability

Our products have been still improved driven by customer requirements. Please feel free to contact us and we are looking forward to having an opportunity to collaborate: